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We use the most comprehensive and reliable data sources available in the market, which have been sourced through exclusive partnerships with travel industry leaders.

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Learn what impact the Coronavirus is having upon traveller intentions, bookings and global travel patterns. Available for purchase as a single report or as a 12 month subscription.

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Market Intelligence

Base your decisions upon insightful facts and commentary, generated by consultants that have worked in the travel industry most of their careers.

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Traveller Forecasting

Accurately predict changes in market dynamics. Use this knowledge to refine business strategies and optimize growth or return on investments.

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Corporate Governance

Protect your staff when they travel, with our online tool to contact travelling employees in the event of an emergency, travel disruption or for an important corporate message.

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Marketing & Advertising Optimisation

Increase the return on your advertising and marketing investment, with our AI based platform that continually refines the placement and content of your online advertising.

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China Traveller Data & Analyses

Source the most accurate intelligence on Chinese traveller movements, the largest and fasting growing outbound traveller segment in the world.

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